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music!….in my case what applies is that mind numbing exam period and i recover from it by listening to songs….what i usually do after i finish writing my last exam is
1) go to the nearest junk food outlet and purchase about 4 large sized, chocolate covered pastries, a large bottle of coke, and around 6-7 packets of chips
2) come home, switch on my computer to open up my favourite site in the world, that is, http://www.youtube.com
3) start listening to the lyrics videos of my favourite songs that ive been craving to listen since the start of the exam seazon…( by this time my craving for those songs has been greatly increased because i have this wierd rule in my head that i cant listen to music till the time my exams get over)
4) start singing along with those lyric videos to the top of my voice
5) simultaneously, bite into that junk that ive got…ahh! Bliss…theres nothing that i want now…. have you noticed how great it feels when you eat some spicy chips and then because its too spicy so to suppress the chilliness( btw thats not the right word! Anyway) in your mouth you drink that glass of coke….
6) in the evening i usually ask mom to prepare something delicious..thats my way to end this wonderful day….




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