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Ahh! Age!…..this is a topic  that manages to scare me sometimes…..i admit that i suffer from a terrible age phobia….i mean the thought of getting older and older and more older does not go down well with me but ofcourse i cant stop it….a couple of months ago i graduated….im 21 yrs old now….and, after graduating i felt a sense of actually becoming and feeling older for the first time!….i felt like time has just whizzed past me so quickly and theres nothing that i can do about it…..i felt like there are so many things that i wanted to do but could not do while in college…. i wanted to go back to my teenage years but as i look back now i think if i really want to go back to that time or not….and the answer it i dont….just for the sake of that age?! Noo!
On another  note….i also have one wierd fear about my body which makes me even more scared of going ahead on the age cycle…and that is i have this fear of my body deteriorating with each passing year….the fresh flesh and bones of my body becoming older and distorted…ahhh! Thats what scares me the most…..age is just a number yes i agree with this as long as you keep the enthusiasm to live life fully till the end of your last breath but boy! Sometimes age is not just a damn number…
P.S- recently, someone told me to start using skin serums as small signs of aging will start becoming visible on my face if i dont use it now! Because u know, im getting older!!!




  1. I smiled when I read your post because I felt the same when I was your age. 30 seemed so old to me and so far away, yet I’m nearly there (29 in two months, yikes!) and feel better than ever. I would not trade my early twenties and – god forbid – my awkward teenage years back for anything in the world 😉 You probably won’t feel much until 25 anyway – but after that most people start to change a lot. You suddenly can’t go out anymore from Friday until Sunday, the recovery period from booze is much longer and you actually find yourself craving a night in with takeaway and a good movie rather than go out and party. For me the inbetween years (25-27) were the worst because I didn’t know where I belonged but I’m all settled now and very happy 🙂 Btw, don’t buy into that crap with starting early with skin serums etc.. I have never down anything in regards to that and have no wrinkles. Just make sure you don’t frown all the time because that can give you ugly ones even when you’re still quite young.

    • Your definitely right! ….i think these early 20s are the most tumultous time of my life….ive got an uncertain career, still figuring out where i belong….but to trade this with my teenage years is something that ill never do!…..and thanks for your advise to not frown….ill keep that in mind;)

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