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My summery songs

This summer of mine can be characterised by unending holidays…yeah, vacations that took a little too long to get over….it seems now that ive been on a holiday ever since summer officially began in june and now i dont think its going to be over anytime soon…reason being im sitting at my home waiting to get admission somewhere but i dont think that ill get that anytime soon….if that will be the case then i will have to drop out this year and spend the whole of it at my home only…..damn! How i long to get out of the house…
Anyway….ive been listening tons of songs throught these summer holidays of mine sometimes to while away some time and sometimes for myself….looking back 20 yrs from now the songs that will describe this home spent summer of mine will be
Wiggle- jason derulo ( when i first heard it i used to hear it multiple times of the day cuz i was addicted to its tune)
Love me, lets pretend, picture perfect- charity vance
She looks so perfect,rejects,amnesia,only reason,english love affair- 5 seconds of summer
Where the lonely ones roam- digital daggers
You and i- one direction
Bailando- enrique ft sean paul
I will never let you down, hello hi goodbye- rita ora
Boom clap( song of the trailor of the fault in our stars)- charlie
Somebody to you- the vamps
Checj yes juliet, sad song- we the kings
Thats all i can think right now though there many more


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