talkative persons sitting beside or next to you on a plane/bus/train can turn out to be both as a companion and as a headache…it all depends upon the kind of talk that that very talkative person wishes to indulge with you…for example, i once travelled in a bus although it was not a long journey and (thank god for that!) the lady who sat next to me continued to talk throughout the time that i was there…firstly, her questions were just about me ,i.e, what is my name and what do i do but afterwards her questions deviated towards my whole generation!…she kept on whining about how girls of my age dont do this, dont do that, dont listen to their parents, wear unapproriate clothes, are not interested in any house work etc etc etc….it was becoming so damn annoying to sit next to her by every passing minute and by the time my stop came i was dying to get out of that bus!…
on another instance…i sat next to an old man on a bus again and he although talked to me throughout but that was the kind of talk that i enjoyed…he told me stories of his grandson whose now living in another country and who visits him in his vacations…he told me how though his grandson is just 15 but hes almost 6 feet tall!..little things like these we talked throughout and i sailed through that bus ride quite smoothly…
so you see, it all depends on what kind of talk that chatty person wants to have with you…that makes all the difference!



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