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it was the time when I saw that movie THECONJURING…oh god! I found it sooo damn scary that I had to put my hands in front of my eyes after every five minutes because I couldn’t stand to watch what was coming up next!…I actually decided to watch it after a suggestion of my classmate who had just returned from watching this movie in a hall…when I asked her about it she said that watching it was a child’s play for her and that she was yawning the whole time through the scary scenes….she also told me to watch it sometime when I get bored and so I did…but oh man! the experience of watching it was completely different for me!…I just could not sleep that night!…I kept getting thoughts like someone was watching me and that someone might jump onto me from behind the curtains…something on the lines of that film only…I found the sound effects equally terrifying as the movie!…needless to say, I could not make it to the end of the movie…and could not sleep for 3 days afterwards…im not gonna even try to watch that again!





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  2. I found you through the link on daily prompts. I’m thinking you should paste the prompt at the top of your entries so anyone else who comes to your page knows what you are responding to. Kudos to you for even attempting to watch The Conjuring! I cannot even watch the previews for those kind of movies! LOL!

    • Oh yes! I think you are right…will keep this in mind when ill write the next prompt….and its wonderful to find another person whos scared of that movie i thought i was the only one!;)

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