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for the last couple of days, i.e, Friday, Saturday and sunday and Monday too I was kind off sleep deprived…because I just could not sleep in my hotel room  and on the rest of the days my nights were spent in a bus…and in a bus besides some occasional little naps of sleep I still could not get a full night’s sleep…so when I reached my home on Tuesday I  could not wait to get to sleep…although I planned to sleep only in the night and not in the afternoon but when I reached home and ate my breakfast and sat in front of the computer to while away some time I could not sit still…I mean just sitting straight was causing so much difficulty…I kept on dozing off…then finally, when it became clear to me that I cannot go on without sleep for the rest of my day I finally decided to take a nap…just a nap not a sleep…because ive got some problem with my sleep ( I don’t quite often get it easily) and I thought that if I sleep now then ill have to spend a sleepless night so I set my alarm to ring after two hours and went to sleep…before I knew it sleep pervaded all my senses and it was soo blissful!…needless to say I didn’t woke up after two hours but after a much longer time…I didnt even hear the sound of my alarm…it was as if it didn’t ring only…it was after sleeping like that that I realized how such a long long time have passed since I slept like that…when I usually go to sleep its just like im completing a routine chore that ive got to complete…there is no feeling of ‘sleep’ really when I go to sleep and it usually comes after ive spent a good 30 minutes in bed with my thoughts…so I nearly forgot what it feels like to bang your head in your pillow and sleep like a baby…

just thought of sharing this experience


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