since im feeling kinda alright now and ive got lots of free time in my hand I think I can share my Shimla travel experience a bit.

CYMERA_20140715_172732left to right- my eldest cousin, my sister, me and my cousin brother.

my cousins, they are definitely one of the best things that god has given me…although we all have certain issues with each other but they are nothing compared to the fun that we get to have when we all are together…this was certainly a great trip.

we went to see many places, ate like a starved animal and captured every moment of the trip in our cameras. We went to a bar and tried a drink which in only a couple of minutes  made me go dizzy…but honestly, I kind of enjoyed that dizziness;)

On another day, we went to a museum which had a rich history behind it…we got to know about several interesting facts about the time when Britishers used to rule in India,,,seriously, Shimla is rightly called the summer capital of the English…I was amazed to see such a pronounced british influence in almost every building there…talking of the museum, right from the time I entered there till almost the end there was a man who continuously stared at me…like, not even for a second did he turn away…that was really strange!…there was another guy in a group of boys that was kind of looking at me but honestly, I enjoyed his gaze..he was cute…oh well..guess im moving in a wrong direction…so this is my trip which ive summed up as best as I can…oh and I should not forget the innumerable number of pastries that we ate…seriously, we ate pastries at every nook and corner and as much as we can…ive not gobbled down soo damn many pastries in a while…think Ill need to  detox myself tomorrow:)

before signing off ill bombard  you with some of my narcissist pics 😉


















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