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every once in a while you get some days like these…yeah, this one day where you just feel frustrated and irritated with life…it seems like nothing ever works out in your favour..god?…is he really out there?…I highly doubt his existence in such days…even though ive just returned after spending a weekend in Shimla (thats a hill station) and I should feel rejuvenated but here I am feeling an all time low…I don’t know why..theres a storm going on in my mind and heart right now and all ive got  to do is fake up a smile in front of everyone…the site of my house gives me an unending feeling of boredom…cant pinpoint  any particular reason for feeling like this..all I can feel is that i desperately need a change..once again…god please save me from my own thoughts…really, they are the last thing that I want right now!…I just wanna feel happy…and be at peace with myself…


5 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER RAMBLE

  1. I am sorry that you are feeling like that. I do believe (as you said) that everyone does goes through those days. I hope that you find some peace and that the storm in your mind quietens down.

  2. I’ve been through times likes this . Do things that you actually love to do . Spend time with people or things or books that will cheer you up . I’m guessing the Shimla’ gloomy climate is just making things worse .

    • oh yeah I think your right…im a bit alright though now…and your kinda right about Shimla’s weather…its completely different from delhi’s…maybe that’s affecting me

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