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 wow! this one is an interesting prompt but im not sure if ill be able to answer it properly because I don’t think I can express myself that well…but oh well..heres my try..

my canvas would look something like this- the background of it will be blue indicating an unbound hope from life…because irrespective of whatever lows that I go through in my life or more precisely, in my mind (if that makes any sense) there is still a glimmer of hope at the back of my mind always which nobody can change…there will be greenery by that I mean green grass, green leaves, green plants in other words, green nature all around which indicates my willpower to get something out of this life that has been granted to me…its an ancient saying that only after you take millions of births as a worm, as an animal, and as every living thing you can possibly be excluding human that god finally grants you this most priviledged birth as a human being…so I think I gotta make the most of it and live this life that ive been finally granted after so many births to the fullest and with a strong will power that I can achieve just about anything that I want from it…next, there will be little splashes of yellow all around my canvas depicting the fear that I have inside of me of so many things that I want to overcome…although I strongly believe in my will power but still sometimes everything seems very tough and I get thoughts mixed with fear of what will happen if ill not be able to achieve what I really want to…there will also be dots of black signifying the loneliness that I so often feel when im by myself…although im not at all a very social person, never was and I like being by myself but sometimes I do crave a best friend…the color pink now will be painted right in the middle of my canvas in the form of a flower signifying all of my wants and desires which, im kind of ashamed to admit have been increasing with every passing day…there will also be a tiny dot of red in the centre of that flower depicting my craving to be loved by a lover…the color orange will fill up the leaves of that flower indicating the jealousy that I harbor inside towards other people sometimes when the going gets tough…though im trying to eliminate it from within me ill admit that a tiny speck of it still remains and it is tough to completely wipe it off…lastly,there will be a mixture of all these colors which will make a shade that will look very beautiful…this shade will be splashed across the whole canvas in a designer pattern and will cover it all up…this indicates my pray for the health of my family and my future which will be filled with happiness



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