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wow! I would be lucky if ill actually inherit that mansion however dilapidated it is…and money being no issue for it would be like an icing on the cake!…

coming to the question of what will I do with it, I think since money is no issue here I would spend a bomb to reconstruct it…and give it a shape of a victorian era like palace…I would also reconstruct it from the inside, i.e, I would section the entire mansion into many many rooms and decorate each one of them…sort of convert each room into a tumblr like room (hope im making sense here)…the most beautiful of all the rooms would be my bedroom…my dining room would have a royal feel to it…I would like to make it at par with the dining room of that of the Duke of Cambridge! (just kidding)…another room would be dedicated to my daily workouts…it will not be a room exactly because it will be turned into a gym…so that ill not take the pain of going outside to get my workout done but it will be conveniently done in the vicinity of my own place…another room would be like a kind of storage room for all of my makeup…id like to convert this room into a salon lol!…there will also be a prayer room…a fun room with all sorts of games in it to pass my time if ill get bored…another room would be converted into a library…it will stack up all of my novels…oh and how can I forget a big, nice royal bathroom with a big tub and three different taps of hot water, cold water and normal water in it…moreover, ill take a good amount of time in constructing a nice big bath room because bath, if taken properly and not in a hurry can be one of the best experience of your life…I would like to  relax and unwind there after a hectic day of work…

I guess that’s all I can think of right now…its my dream to live in a grand mansion like that…



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