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in a couple of days ill be pursuing my masters in history…ill be going to a new college, a new place…although im not exactly as excited as I was when id first got admission in college as an undergraduate it will also be wrong to say that im not at all excited….iam excited, just not as much as I was when I passed out of school and entered into university for the first time….that time was different…there was so much excitement in the air, the excitement of making new friends,the excitement of meeting some cool boys and falling in love, the excitement to  finally become a ‘grownup’….as the passage of time told me after all those 3 years spent there I was not at all a ‘grownup’ when I entered into the university for the first time…and not at all literally means NOT AT ALL!….on the contrary, I was a foolish 18  year old trying to be somebody else…as I look back into all these 3 years it simply amazes me to know how damn much I learnt from these 3 years…during the course of these years among many other things that I went through on the inside , not on the outside one of them was loosing my beloved grandmother who was till now such an integral part of my life…but I don’t have any complaints to god…rather, I just want to thank him for giving me the courage to face her death which at the start of these 3 years was something I could not at all even dream about!…also, one of the pressures that was constantly on my mind these years was the pressure to ‘fit in’…I can now say that ive overcome this pressure to a large extent….im being completely honest here and so I must add that although im not completely free from it because still I feel myself so vulnerable to this pressure and thoughts like im not worth it because im ugly, im not beautiful enough, still hold the power to make me unhappy with life…but on the other side, I know that im working towards making myself a bettar person on the inside and that one of these days ill be completely free from them…



  1. A very honest post indeed . I have completed my four years of college ; just recently , and it was definitely a roller coaster guide . Life would have thought you soo much of good and bad in those three years . Congratulations on your University admission to do your Masters . This is definitely a grand thing to be proud of . You have come soo far , and I think you should definitely be proud and happy for yourself , and be bothered about your inner beauty , rather than your outer beauty . I’m no advising you or anything , but you are beautiful . When you feel beautiful inside , eventually you’ll realize that you’re a beautiful and a strong person outside too . Hope that you’ll understand that in time . All the very best 🙂

    • thank you so much…your comment really means a lot to me!…im constantly trying to bettar myself from the inside…and your definitely right in saying that when your beautiful on the inside your automatically beautiful and strong on the outside…will always keep that in mind…thanks again! 🙂

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