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celebrating birthdays whether it be mine or anyone else is one of my favourite things to do…i just love this celebratory day and although some people joke about it as a day when youve inched one step closer to your grave i just dont care about it…i always go all out on this day…expect big gifts and a huge celebratory bash in some expensive outlet…although im not really able to celebrate my bithday in this way for quite sometime now because my birthday falls on a beautiful sunny april which always coincides with my exam but this is how ill always celebrate it and have celebrated it more or less if i get a year where my exam do not collide with my birthday….and this is not just for me i love preparing big surprise birthday parties for my family members just like i celebrate mine…honestly, the reason why i love celebrating birthdays like this is because it gives a reason for all of us involved in it to enjoy the little things in life…just the act of participating in preparing a big birthday bash gives so much pleasure to me and also to others who are involved in it…i love the feeling of excitement and happiness thats in the air when everyone gets together to celebrate a birthday….ilove the excitement in the days leading up to that birthday date and i love the big birthday party which also turns out into a kind of get together for all of my family and friends…



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