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Although I want to loose two flavours off my tongue not just one but since today’s prompt has asked for only one flavor ill go with bitter sweet!…why? because im a sucker for a sweet flavor in every dish that we can possibly eat…and, sometimes it dosnt turn out good for my health…my blood sugar level shoots up which scares me a little especially considering the fact that im at a greater risk of developing diabities since both of my parents have it…my struggle with the sweet flavor started very early in life when I was about 9 or 10 yrs old…I was a total sweet junkie back then and one day when mom and dad were testing there sugar levels I casually said them to test mine also…just for fun…but it didn’t exactly turn out to be fun when they actually tested it…my sugar level was 160 at that time which was kind off dangerous for me at that age…that was the time when I was forced to open my eyes to this unpleasant truth of restraining my sugar intake..even now, whenever I kind of sit at home all day and treat my sweet tooth my sugar levels shoot up soo fast … so yeah, I wanna let go of my genetic sweet mistake…(if that makes any sense!)





6 thoughts on “NO SWEET FOR ME!

  1. Yeah right! Sugar is not good for health and has an adverse effect primarily because it doesn’t gels with the the kind of lifestyle we follow. Even though I like sugar, I prefer avoiding. Life and the little adjustments 🙂

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