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…when I was little and had the lesson of punctuation taught in the grammer class, I, apart from understanding the basic punctuation rules like full stop, exclamation mark could not for the life of me understand where the other ones like comma,semicolon,etc. should be used…understanding the use of comma was just so difficult for me I don’t know why and im sure that I still don’t know how to properly use it!…also, when I was small I was taught that the word after comma should start with a capital lettar but I found out that this rule was not at all implemented anywhere apart from my textbook!…this comma troubled me soo much when I was preparing for my combined aptitude test for English…there were so many questions where I had to figure out the correct place to put comma and almost 90% of the time I got it wrong!…I practiced like hundreds of questions in the hope that I would finally figure out the use of comma but in vain…I just could not!…is learning the use of punctuation (especially comma) something that your born with? don’t know…

Of all the punctuation marks what I really like is ‘….’ you can see me using this often…I don’t know if its really a punctuation mark or not but I really like using it…its like in between that of a comma and a full stop for me;) 




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