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wow! today I checked my entrance test result of a university that I had applied to and found out that ive cleared it! A total of 70 students are selected and im in the top ten of them!…yippee!…ive secured 8th rank!…how cool is that!…I could not believe it when my sister first told me but after seeing the result myself I now believe it…my dad was in for a shock when he found out…it still feels feels soo surreal….but a little sad thing is that my sister who had also given the exam did not get selected…so im like half happy for it all :/….

But I still feel super happy because this was a muslim university its name is Jamia Milia Islamia and they had kept 85% quota for muslims ( that means 85% seats for them) and still I made it to the top ten!..thanks god!…but although I want to take admission here mom and dad do not at all wish the same for me the reason being that its a muslim uni and, you know my parents being devout hindus don’t feel all that good about muslims which includes all muslim institutions…I want to take admission here because besides studying I also want to learn more about muslim culture and perhaps make some good  friends…also, when I went there to give my exam I noticed that inside the university there were various blocks like al- biruni block, Arabic block etc…these really caught my interest…but I know that ill never get to go there…but its ok..i can make myself happy just thinking about this time when I actually got the admission and cleared the entrance there…



you see that name ‘Preksha Joshi’? that’s me;)


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