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wow! i like today’s writing challenge…i like these types of challenges where you just have to write anything and everything that comes into your mind…no limits, no boundaries just WRITING!…so what am i been toying with these past couple of days is indeed something for which ive got no answer….and neither do i know anyone whom i can ask this too…basically, ive been thinking a lot about hinduism…not in a religious way but in a more comparison kind of a way…lately ive been comparing it with other religions like that of islam and christianity….this thought first struck me when i visited a church with my friend last week…although i made a visit there just for passing some time cuz i was really bored and so was she and so we decided to hang out and we got there because we havnt visited that church before and its really beautiful on the inside…while we were sitting there listening to the songs being played there we also saw a huge and beautiful idol of jesus christ …my friend casually remarked that christians atleast know that the god they are praying to is real,i.e, they know that at some point of time he existed…we (me and her) dont even know that the god whom we are praying ever existed or not!…mind you, we both are hindus….this really got me thinking…then i thought about islam…the muslims read quran which was written in the time of prophet muhammad…he also existed at some point of time and that means hes also for real…i then thought about my religion,i.e, hinduism…is there any element of ‘real’ in it? i dont think so…the gods that we pray to are all a part of a mythical story theres no proof of their existence at any point of time in history…the hindu books like vedas, upnishads etc which are regarded as ‘religious’ are not written by any kind of jesus or prophet they are a work of brahmana males who were regarded as ‘dharma experts’ of their time….and they regard women so low in status as compared to men…this thing bugs me a lot…we pray to these gods thinking they were real but they are a part of imagination of some people…what conclusion can i draw from this about hinduism?…i dont really know…maybe people use these dieties to help them focus on that one ultimate  force which is sustaining the life on earth…although there are certainly some aspects of it that i appreciate but these questions about it also bother me a lot…i wanted to put it down somewhere…when i saw today’s challenge i knew that i just had to put it here..

.theres nothing else on my mind these days and im soo damn bored!…yesterday, i overstretched my legs and now they are so sore!…cant even move them properly…every day is so difficult to pass…especially the night…im soo hating nights these days…yesterday, i was watching Taylor Swift documentary and i  really liked it…im so kind of jealous of people like her not in a bad way though, i mean they are sooo lucky these people…especially watching their live concerts…the energy is just so infectious…theyve got thousands and thousands of fans who can die for them!…they are really one in a million!






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