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yesterday i turned 12. From as long as i can remember ive been living here in this tiny little area in the west of  England. When i was little, i mean very little, i may have been around 4 or 5 years of age my mom and i would make frequent visits to the house of an old lady whose name is Mrs Pauley. Mrs Pauley is a very old lady who now lives on her own. It seems to me that shes the oldest person living in this area. I think its because ive seen her in this place ever since the time ive been here. My mom also says that Mrs Pauley has been residing here even before i was born. I think she must be very old. How old? i cant say that correctly.

Mrs Pauley is a very kind lady. I say that because when me and my mom used to visit her in her house she used to talk to us very sweetly. She also used to give me sooo many things to eat and so i was always eager to go to her house again and again. Mrs Pauley also had a lot of children and all of them were boys. I think she had a total of 6 boys or 7 i dont remmber it quite clearly because its been a long time since ive seen them and the last time i saw them i was i think 7 years old. At that time, my mind was more on eating the delicious stuff that Mrs Pauley offered me rather than count her children. When i asked my mom about Mrs Pauley’s children she told me that all of them are working abroad. That means they are out of England! They have left their mother alone! How can anyone do that? I love my mommy and i would not like to part with her for even a day then how could Mrs Pauley’s children do that to her?


3 months ago i heard my mom talking about Mrs Pauley to a neighbour of ours. She was telling my mom about the death of Mrs Pauley’s husband Mr Pauley. What i could make out from their conversations was that Mr Pauley died from a heart attack alone in his bedroom last night without any sound. I feel very bad for Mrs Pauley. I remember that during my visits to her house Mr Pauley used to always sit alone in his bedroom always reading a book and he did not at all get involved in our talks. When i asked mum if there is something wrong with Mr Pauley she told me that its his nature and we cant change that. Now i hear that he has died and Mrs Pauley is all alone by herself. I wish to visit her again but mum says that she already has many problems and she would not like our visit. When i asked mum what kind of problems she told me that im too small to understand it. When i forced her to tell me she said that now that her husband has died the only source of income that they used to get have also been finished as Mr Pauley is no more. Also, she cant pay her rent properly also as theres no income. Theres no type of help available from her children as they have all left their home. And now the landlord of her house has called the police and together they are both coming to evict Mrs Pauley from her house! I wish i could do something for her. I didnt even know that the house in which Mrs Pauley’s living had a landlord! I think its because ive always seen her living on her own here ever since ive been here and mum says that shes been living here with her husband for almost 40 years now! Thats a long long time! I always thought that this house is Mrs Pauley’s alone and not of somebody else’s. I dont know what will happen to her now. When i asked mum if we could help her she said that theres nothing that we can do in this case. Where will Mrs Pauley go after leaving this house? 



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