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undoubtedly sweat! I mean, the smell of sweat emnating from other people…that’s the smell that  I most associate with summers…also, because summers are really harsh here( and it seems to be getting even more harsher with every passing year!) so the more scorching the sun is, the more you are prone to coming in contact with that sweaty smell from others and lets admit I too suffer from it sometimes! ;/ because in these peak months of summer its kind of like impossible to avoid this smell…it really is…the condition is like you take a bath in the hope of getting rid of the sweat and the hotness that surrounds you all the time and right after coming from the shower its only a matter of a few couple of minutes that you start sweating again!…its so irritating at times. And if you got to go out and have to use a public transport then boy! your in for a smelly summer treat! I don’t know what else can I call it!…sometimes, its kind of like near to impossible for me to stand  all these kinds of smells and I feel like getting out at the very next stop…but unfortunately, I cant and so I silently tolerate it, putting as much pressure as I can on my lungs to hold my breath for a couple more minutes until I can finally peacefully exhale in the hot summer wind…



5 thoughts on “THAT SWEATY SMELL!

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