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one of my worst fears thats always on the back of my mind is loosing a loved one whether it be my mom or dad or sister accidentally. The thought of loosing either of them like that sends a shiver down my spine. I often feel bad for those people who loose their beloved ones by an accident , i.e, by a natural calamity of any sort. This is in some ways my biggest complain to god (if hes really out there). Things like these sometimes really make me doubt him. I feel like theres no god, no one watching over us all because if he would have been then he wouldnt have let accidents like those happen.

I recently read about a girl who used to love her dad soo much and then suddenly, on one fine day as she was texting her dad to pick her up from the airport she heard the worst news of her life, i.e, her dad being killed by an accident! She wrote that this news completely shook her world. She didnt know how to respond! anger, grief, frustration of not being able to save her father’s life all came crashing down on her. Her father was completely alright before and had many years ahead of him but just this  accident made him loose his life. This is precisely my biggest fear. I dont wanna loose any of my family member like this. Natural death is fine, its when your body can no longer go on and it simply perishes away but this? noo!. I hope god will not let my fear come true!



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