sleep procrastination, well at first when I read these two words in my daily prompt I could not pin point what exactly they meant…but after reading that article in newyorker.com I realized that this is exactly what I do every single night!…But, I cant be blamed for my procrastination towards sleep because I just  don’t have anything to do the whole day and so I find this procrastination very useful! Yeah, the main advantage of it being that as I sleep late I get up late (I get up around 10:30 to 11:30 am) and then while doing my morning chores I like how the time just flies away and it seems like in just a few hours it goes from afternoon to evening to night!…so you see, sleep procrastination is working to my advantage! 😉 Otherwise, ill get up early and get bored and will not have a clue how to pass the whole damn day. This has happened to me before, during my previous holidays I used to religiously follow that saying ‘early to bed and early to rise’ but what I got in return was a whole blank day filled with boredom! Passing every hour used to feel like such a heavy duty job that by the end of the day when I got to sleep I used to be so happy about this day finally coming to an end! Now? well, now theres no such problem thanks to my ‘late to bed late to rise’ syndrome lol.

But ofcourse this sleep procrastination will not work to your advantage if your working or earning or even going to school or university. This thing will only work for  persons who are having  long holidays like me where you just don’t know how to pass your day and also because its soo hot outside that you just cant step out of your house and the end result of it all is that your simply trapped in a situation that feels nothing less than a house arrest!

So,  let me tell you what are my night time rituals that keep me awake and keep me away from not going to sleep at the intended time. I usually eat dinner around 7 or 8pm and then while away the time as much as I can in front of the television…then, around 11:oopm I come to my bedroom and turn on the computer and then again while away my time as much as I can in front of it…listening songs, watching movies, videos,i.e, doing just about anything in front of it just to pass away some time. It goes on till 2:00pm or sometimes even more than that after which I finally decide to rest my tired and strained eyes. And wake up late.

this is my sleep procrastination but I know it will all come to an end when my university begins because at that time this will not work for me at all!




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