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i dont know how can i take advantage of the extra hours of light today for the simple reason that its SO DAMN HOT over here. Honestly, im not liking it. They say that excess of anything is bad and here in my place im having excess of sunlight! yeah, its soo hot all the time because summer’s at its peak here. I live where summer months are  longer than winter ones so i usually dont crave for summer that much. And today is probably no different than other days where the rays of sun are so harsh that i cant even get out of the house. It starts from 10 in the morning and does not even subside till 5 in the evening.Its only after 6:00 pm that one can get out. Thats why getting tanned is considered a major problem here. Its also that time of the year when the sale of fairness creams jumps up. Yeah, people here can do anything to avoid getting tanned. Today, the heat is soo much i could feel it right when i got up. I was sweating all over as i proceeded with my morning chores. Summing up, i can say that im really not able to take advantage of the extra hours of light that has been granted…the heat is too much to bear!



2 thoughts on “EXTRA HOURS OF LIGHT? NOOO!

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