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Dear god,

my result can be up anytime and im a little nervous about it. Please, please, please let me pass in all the subjects. You know how hard ive worked for this semester. You cant let me fail in any of the subject can you? . Please god im writing this for youu!. I hope your listening. I really want to pursue my masters from a good college cuz i know that ive worked really hard these 3 years and i deserve a good college. Please let my result come out good and free me from this nervousness and tension thats been nagging me. You know that since im all alone in my home every day from morning to night i get some really really bad thoughts about my result, about my university and about you! but you know that i completely hate those thoughts to the core of my heart! Ive been having thoughts like these from as long as i can remember…maybe its inherent in my nature  and im tired of these thoughts. They say that an empty mind is a devil’s house, i now know that its completely correct.Because somehow, indirectly, my mind is empty all the time!  Ill study even hard in my master’s provided you get me admission there. Please god dont dissapoint me…ive got a whole lot of faith in you. Forgive me for all the bad thoughts that come into my mind every damn day!


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