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the book nearest to me is  ‘Great Works Of Kahlil Gibran’ and on turning to page no. 29 the first word that jumps off it is ‘brow’ !…wow! didnt expect it but its a great topic for a girl to write on;)…so here we go..

Dear Brows,

first of all ill start by saying that i love your thickness…thank god you are not that thin pair which i hate….you grow very heavily and i love this fact about you. But i absolutely hate the pain that ive to endure every month trying to fix you up. Cant you remain static as you are? why do you always start growing out here and there and that too only after 2 weeks of fixing you up? and when im busy in some exam and forget to trim you i hate the bear like appearance that you give to my face!, not to mention the agony that ive to undergo afterwards to fix you up.Also, ive heard numerous people say that you have the power to make or break a face and if so many people are saying this maybe it is right but personally i dont think its true at all. I dont know why but i just dont think you have that much power but its just my opinion. Not questioning the fact that you definitely add something to a face but i just cant figure out your purpose!…i mean, do you do anything productive or are you just there to give me a painful time in the parlour?. Maybe you help keep the sweat off my eyes but thats just a tiny thing that you do and i dont think it would make much of a difference if your there or not!…but ofcourse i need you otherwise i would look completely wierd!




2 thoughts on “BROWS? HUH!

  1. haha yes I prefer thicker eyebrows too. I’m trying to grow mine out at the moment, so I haven’t had to deal with getting them threaded. I have no idea what I would have written if I had the word ‘brows’, you worked your magic 🙂

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