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people embarking on a journey away from home usually carry with them a photograph of their family to remind them of home. I dont know whats in my case because i feel that a family photograph or photoframe cant quite remind me of home. I want something which will remind me of ‘home’ whereas a family photograph will in my case remind me of the people whom i love and whom ive left behind. It will cause a sense of nostalgia in my case and make me want to crave their presence even more, especially when i know that i cant have it. It will make me homesick to the core. What i want in a situation like this is something which will remind me precisely of home,i.e, of my time spent in my home. While i know that irrespective of any object that i carry im bound to feel that nostalgic feeling but still there are some objects that give you more of pleasant feelings of home. Things which when you see spread a smile on your face instead of gloom. In my case, ill carry a glass. Its nothing extraordinary, its made of steel so it does not  even look good. But this is the glass in which my father serves me my morning cup of cold coffee, tea and mango shake. This will remind me of my home, of the mornings that ive spent in my home. And this is what ill carry.




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