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ive always, always had trouble in making friends. in my first school i used to feel suffocated so i left it and went to another one. this one was no different. i was always to be found sitting in a corner alone. i was officially ‘friendless’. School finished and i entered college. Initially, i harboured some hopes of making new friends but as time went on i could see them fading away….i always thought that something was wrong or wierd about me that makes everyone go away from me.

But right at the time when i was about to give up on it, god turned the tables around for me. I made friends with the most wonderful girls in the world and our friendship remained intact for the whole of my college life and it still is. I know i can trust them and look up to them now as well as 10 years from now. one thing that i liked about our group was that it had a perfect blend of every type of nature and we balanced each other out. We helped each other in just about everything whether it be studies or whether it was about relationship problems, etc. that’s why college was a turning point in my life. i learned sooo much from it, or more precisely from them. my friends helped me come out of the wrong path that i was following, indirectly, they have helped me shed the negative kind of attitude that i was having towards life, They inspired me to work hard, to not just accept anything as it is, but to observe it and question it if necessary. i still cant believe it they are the best things that ive gained in life!



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