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when i was 12 years old i lived in a house which is on the same street in which im living now…oh no! actually when i was 12 years old i lived in two houses during the first half of my twelth year of life i lived in another house and during the second half i shifted to another place. actually, ive been living in this same locality of new delhi, India ever since i was born. even the houses that ive shifted to are all located in the same area. perhaps after some 10 years or so ill move out of this area but as of now im kind of permanently settled here

when i was 12 i lived with my mother, father and grandmother. i should not say ‘lived’ because im still living with them only! that home of mine well.. i think i should first tell a little about my first home. so that first house of mine was the place where i was born. i mean, i was born in a hospital ofcourse but that was the place where i came after being born. that was a groundfloor house. i spent my whole childhood upto the age of 12 there. ive got many wonderful memories attached with that place. whenever i pass by that place i cant help but notice my forgotten house. i think the new owners have changed that place a little but i still get an urge everytime to check that house. to see if its still gives me a feeling of my long gone days spent there.

to describe the second house where i lived when i was 12 the word that comes to my mind is HOT! yeah, that house man! it was sooo damn hot! it was like your sitting in any room of that house and without even moving your body you got sweat pouring down all over your face and neck! it was that hot! especially in summers. but it was cool in winters cuz that house used to keep us soo warm especially the roof of that house. it was so so so good in summers. otherwise that house was a bit shabby. not a bit, it was totally shabby! as much as we used to keep it clean it always turned out dirty. i dont know what was the problem with that house. but once again i spent some of my most beautiful years in that house and also some of the worst!


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