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i think ill dedicate a holiday for all the grandmothers and grandfathers out there…it will be a  ‘happy grandparenthood day’ or ‘happygrandparents day’…ive always felt a kind of freshness interacting with these older generations which our grandparents represent….maybe because their way of living and our way of living is completely different, we get to know what life was like for them….the obvious differences in their ways of thinking influenced by the conditions under which they lived and that of ours which is once again influenced by the conditions of life under which we live is kind of refreshing to me….for example my grandmother once told me that she was married off at 14 years of age, when i asked her why so early she replied that that was the maximum age in their time to get a girl married….i was quite surprised at this…also, she once told me that their main subject in schools for girls at that time was sewing!…i was like whaaat!…apart from this she used to narrate me stories of what life used to be for them when India was under British rule…she was also one of those persons who lived during the time of partition of India so she told me how communal riots broke out in various parts of the country during those times…living almost 60 years ahead of her, this piece of information was very refreshing to me…..as a student of history, i often read about M.K Gandhi and his great contributions in India’s  freedom struggle so hes something of a legend to me because ive always read about him… so much so that once i even asked my granny if he existed or not!…to my surprise she said that he certaintly did exist and she’d seen him with her own eyes everyday!…also another interesting thing was that she told me once that her(granny’s) mother in law(much older than her!) used to always oil her hair, when i asked her the reason she told me that at that time it was not considered good for women to roam around with loose hair so she used to always oil it and braid it and always kept them covered!…once again i smiled at the blatant differences in the conditions of life  now and life at that time;)

things like these make grandparenthood really special….it adds in your life a sort of freshness which even your parents cannot provide fully…




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