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the oldest thing that i own…mmm…i think itll have to be my kingdergarten(KG) i card…lol…i dont know why but ive never felt like throwing it…even though its of no use now…

this was the i card that i used to put in my neck when i was in KG. it contained all of my basic information. just looking at that i card now brings back all the memories of my ‘baby’ life…how i used to cry when mom and dad started to go after leaving me  in the class, how i used to come back home all messed up with my running nose and mud all over my clothes as a result of me getting into a fight with someone and how mom and granny used to change my clothes and make me eat food and then put me to sleep so easily…most importantly, the sense of relief that i used to feel after coming back home…i dont know but i used to feel a sense of protection at home…like no one can do me any wrong now whereas in the class i used to feel very vulnerable… i used to be scared even from  babies of my age! even though we didnt had to do anything other than playing with toys!…another memory that comes to mind is that of my teacher…a beautiful young lady who always used to come to my rescue…whenever i got into some kind of fight with another kid she used to come and gently solve our fight (always taking my side)…

i also remember a kind of competition that used to take place frequently…in that our whole class used to take a spoon and put the tip of it in our mouth ( the part from where we hold the spoon) and put a lemon in it and we had to walk to the finishing line with it…i remember that i used to always walk in the hope of winning but would always fail!…

so this is the oldest thing with me that  i somehow just cant throw away…



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