Home » Uncategorized » OMG! WHAT TO DO?


whoa! that would really be a terrible situation for me!…what to do? what to do what to do? what to do?…honestly, while packing for this flight i would not forget keeping an interesting novel to read  on the way so yeah i would pass my time with it…(hopefully it will keep me occupied for those 6 hours)….but if by chance i forget to keep a novel then?…god! i myself dont know what the hell i would do!…i cant sit idle for such a long time!…maybe i would observe the people around me who are also being a victim of the same torture as me! lol…i would try to listen their conversations with others,the once with whom they have come or i would try talking to some random person who also seem to be bored like me…and yesss i would surely not have forgotten keeping good food for the journey so i guess ill just open my novel and my lunchbox, find a quiet corner and find joy in these small problems of life…



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