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cousin- what should we have for dinner tonight?

me- i think mom’s already prepared something for us

cousin- you know what? shes prepared the usual stuff that we eat everyday…do you want to eat that tonight also?

me- but she said before leaving that we both should eat what shes prepared otherwise it will go waste and she might have to throw it!

cousin- whatever! i dont care!…lets order something!

me- but!

cousin- we are ordering pizza tonight (in a tone of command)

me- but  wudnt it be nice if we order something healthy?…

cousin- healthy? what healthy? you know a new  outlet has just opened and they make absolutely delicious pizzas!

me- i know but…

cousin- what?…do you want something else along with pizzas?…maybe a sweet dish too?…yeah that would be cool!…sweetdishes are a must after dinner

me- i think ill not need a sweet dish..  pizza will do for me.(in a defeated tone) 

cousin- ok!…your wish!…so how many should i order?…4 large ones?

me- 4 large ones for the two of us?..isnt that too much?

cousin- i dont think so…the new ones with extra cheese are so damn tasty that one wont be enough for you!…i promise!

me- look i really dont think that i would be able to eat 2 large ones…how about two of them? one for each?

cousin- i dont think so that would be enough…but since you are insisting ill order one for you and two for me

me- thank you soo much!

cousin- and whats for sweet dish?

me- you really wanna have it after them ?

cousin- yesss

me- ok then order what you like!

cousin-  ok (gives order)

(after about 25-30 minutes)

TING-TONG! (sound of bell)

cousin- they have arrived!…ill go get them!

me- yeah sure

cousin- whoa! see how yummy they look!…

me- yeah i can see it!…heyy whats this?

cousin- oh this?! its their chocolate sundae…im dying to eat it

me- this sure looks something!

(after eating somewhat in silence)

me- heyy complete your second pizza!

cousin- i think this will  be too much for me!…im full

me- but you said that one wont be enough for you!

cousin- guess i was wrong…anyways ill try to eat it

(after forcefully eating the second one)

cousin- ahh! thank god its over!…should we eat the sundae?

me- but you said that your full!

cousin- ill always have some room in my belly for the sweet dish!

me- go ahead!

cousin- mmm!…delicious!…wanna try it?

me- i can take a bite!

cousin- just one bite?

me- yeah

(after taking that bite)

me- yes its definately delicious!

cousin- see you should eat these things…they are soo tasty!…why do you always avoid these things?

me- i dont always avoid them…i just eat them in moderation…

cousin- what? anyways…you should  eat them as often as you can!…

me- huh!




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