shes in the middle of the picture

shes in the middle of the picture

today im writing about my history teacher who has influenced me a lot…shes that kind of a person who can very easily influence others…i mean people  just get attracted to her once they get to know her.. having a slim build, she wears spectacles and has her hair cut in a bob kind off style…as far as her facial features go shes not really good looking but that becomes insignificant once you get to hear her speak and actually spend some time with her…in clothes her choice is very simple…i think ive never seen her wearing something other than a plain kurta with jeans…shes in her mid 40s she used to teach me during my first year in college…while she taught one could not help but marvel at the knowledge that she had accumulated over the years…i mean besides covering our usual syllabus she used to supply us a world of knowledge side by side…through her i learnt soo many interesting facts about this world which i couldnt even think must have ever happened.. anyone just anyone could approach her with their doubts and she would clear it with so much ease…ive never seen her raise her voice in the class except once when the situation really got out of hand… just last year her father expired…i felt really bad for her…i thought that she must be going through a very hard time but i was wrong…she resumed teaching after taking a very short holiday and that too just to complete the rituals which are necessary to complete after the death of our near ones…when she got back she was her usual self..calm and composed… shes not married yet..i sometimes wonder how a women like her could not get married…i mean any man can be influenced by her…afterall you dont have to have a pretty face to fall in love!…in our kind of soceity in which there is a societal pressure for almost every women to get married she defied these rules and is happily single during my farewell in college i along with a bunch of my friends made it a point to see her before leaving college forever…in this last time that i talked to her she opened up about herself a bit more…she told us that she wished to travel the world…her friends are roaming the world and are in japan one day and in london the other day but she is too tied up in her work so she cant leave…she also said that she wished to explore strange places that only a few people have heard about…lastly she told us that she wished that she could spend some more time with us and talk a little more with us but the university’s wierd rules prohibited her from doing so… yes mam i too wish i could have known you more.. shes in the middle of the picture http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-101-day-six/#like-81411


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