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its a sculpture of a man who looks like some ancient knight riding on his horse…he has a rope in one of his hand…the sculpture is all in black…whenever ive looked it in the eye ive always felt a tiny bit of shiver running down on me…it seems like this man is watching me….even when i turn away from him i can still feel his eyes on my back…when i ask other people if they too feel the same they reply that its just my imagination running wild and nothing else…

so on one evening  i was crossing the path where that sculpture stood…the evening was about to end and the night was about to set in…reluctantly i looked up to that sculpture inspite of not wanting to…cuz there was some kind of urge in the back of my mind to look up and see him…i stared into those familiar stone eyes which inspite of being dead looked like they were alive…i stared hard into them…i dont know why but today i was feeling like im staring into the eyes of a human being…a real human being…brushing off these thoughts i speeded up my pace so that i can cross the path of the sculpture as quickly as i can…

just when i almost crossed the path i heard the sound of a rope being banged into the ground…frightened, i slowly looked back to see that my nightmare had finally come alive!…there he was repeatedly banging his rope on the ground and coming swiftly towards me…me? why me? what have i done to you? i dont even know you!…these were the words that i screamed to him as i quickened up my pace until i was almost running…

it seemed that he couldnt understand my language…oh damn! i thought as i suddenly remembered what my uncle had told me about this sculpture…’he belongs to the ancient period…thats all that have been known about him till now’…i racked my brains as to how could i make him stopped galloping towards me…but unfortunately nothing came to my mind…by now i was breathing hard because it was a long distance that i had covered in my run…as i looked back towards him i could see fury and rage in those eyes…was he mistaking me for some kind of an enemy? i didnt know…all i knew was that i had to run faster and faster in order to be away from him…so i did just that…in my run i just couldnt see the traffic and people ahead as my mind was preoccupied with the demon that was behind me…i ran and ran and ran and just when i was about to cross a road which i believed could safely land me to the other side i in my desperate run could not see the car coming from behind and banged my head in its windows…a loud scream escaped my mouth..

‘what in the world happened to you?’ asked my sister who was sleeping just next to me and was quite startled by my scream

a wave of relief brushed me as i realized that my biggest nightmare once again remained a nightmare only…

wow! reality’s so much bettar than dream!



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