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so we have to write about a place where we’d like to get transported….while i really like places with hills, with lakes, metropolitan areas, i  cities all around the world, the place that i really really wanna get transported to is ancient times…especially ancient india,,,,those vedic times…i want to see how ‘golden’ that period really was…ancient sanskrit texts say that there were lands like swarnabhumi or land of the gold, associated with the riches…i wanna see them, i want to see how the caste hierarchies were formed , how the much hyped sacrificial rituals of the time were performed….i want to visit the ancient empires of india…ive heard that that there were beautiful mountains, lakes and jungles…i want to see how the rulers went on hunting…i want to see how they married…what all customs and practices were prevalent back then…want to see how the architecture of the time was created…how ‘pure’ the people of that time really were…guess it was all very original back then i wanna see the origins of it all…i want to see the great wars being fought, i wanna visit the queen’s chamber, stay a night in the house of the common people, eat the kind of food prepared by them…seriously, i certainly wish to get transported back there….there is nothing i wanna visit more than that…

hope all this makes some sense!






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