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so i have to write anything that comes to my mind for the next 20 minutes or so…mmmm…what can i say…today was so boring….not new for me cuz  theres hardly a day in my life thats not boring. college was boring and so are these holidays…on top of that ive got to study and considering that my college exams just got over im finding it even harder to concentrate because im completely exhausted:(….i just wish to crack atleast one entrance exam or i want direct admission oh god please help me in that…my results are also gonna come up so i have a little bit of tension because of that too…

other than this i tried to cut bangs by myself at home and messed up a little and so now ive to deal with these short hairs that i try soo hard to keep in place by using various clips but still they dont listen to me!…thats pretty annoying!…

i also waxed my entire legs for the first time and now im feeling sooo damn lighter lol…

its sooo hot over here that you just cant get out of the house during day time…and if anyone does they catch hot fever…the summer’s sooo harsh here!…even 6:00 pm feels like its 3 in the day!…im always in my bed and now it feels like im on house arrest! yeah im that bored!…..my laptop also stopped working midway and no matter what i did it did not start! arrgh!….even my dad cudnt fix it…so now hes taking it to his office to get it repaired…hope it gets repaired soon!…

also, today i exercised sooo damn hard and then worked out my abs for extra 10 minutes or so…i was feeling sooo tired when i finished the workout…i cud even not complete it fully cuz i was sooo exhausted….on top of this i walked for about an hour or sooo….i think today i might drop a pound or so…what do you think lol…nowadays since im at home all the time so im eating bare minimal…its just a mango shake in the morning followed by my lunch and then dinner…in between all that is there is just water, some almonds and green tea…reason for this is that i recently watched black swan and im sooo impressed by natalie portman’s body that i cant wait to get one like her lol…no the main reason is that i brought a crop top for myself and i want to sport a toned midriff for that thats why…ahhh! 20 minutes are not yet over…

im gonna go and study as soon as i write today’s post….sis must be waiting for me…im gonna dive into ancient indian trade as soon as my 20 minutes gets over….u know im really liking wordpress these days…i like how innovative they have become i wish them all the best!



4 thoughts on “WRITING 101 FIRST CHALLENGE

  1. Hey, congratulations on your first post! I see that most of the people have found this assignment pretty hard. I liked it only because I was approaching a nervous breakdown and I used the 20 minutes to empty my mind during lunch break before having to go back to work, lol. I loved your courage to cut your own hair, I’d never be able to do that, though I use to wax my own legs monthly.

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