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this is the photo of me and my sister’s eighth birthday….i have nothing but good memories associated with this picture…celebrating birthdays used to be soo much fun when i was a kid… right from the time i got upi still remember  i cud feel a rush of excitement of  what this day holds ahead for me…my parents showered both of us with gifts as soon as we got up..the sweet and tempting smell of my grandmother and mother’s home prepared indian delicacies filled up the whole house [granny i still miss your food:(] while my father was deeply engaged in decorating the house with balloons… as the evening drew near small groups of my relatives and friends started poring in each bringing with them lots and lots of gifts for us…i still remember thinking at that time that having a joint family wud be soo much fun;) there used to be a dance competition, a singing competition a running competition and what not!20140601_182934 a large cake was ordered with ‘HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY TO PRAGGYA AND PREKSHA’ written in it….after the party finished i with my closest group of cousins wud sit together and count how many gifts we have received, opening them and revelling in the joy of each one of them…ahh! those were the days!….these were also the times when i wud compete with my cousins over how many gifts i have got and how many they have got in their birthdays….the person with the highest no. of gifts wud be declared the winner!…so stupid lol by the time the whole event got finished i was sooo tired and was tucked away in the bed by mom and slept a blissful sleep;)




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