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equating my mood with seasons

although ive heard this saying many times but honestly weather have never affected my mood much….except for that one time when winters are in their peak around the end of december or the start of january. thats when i feel kind of depressing…especially winter 2013 was really bad for me cuz my granny passed away when the winter was in its peak here, that is, the start of january so this cold time has left an indelible mark on me….guess ill always feel sad whenever winter is at its highest point….i think those poets have rightly eqated winter with gloom and darkness and summer with happiness…

but yeah i do feel kind of renjuvenated during those times when winter gives way to summer and we transition from our sweaters and jackets to t shirts….i love sweat…especially the sweat of a good workout which i can only feel in summers…

other than that i kind of hate rain.or rainy weather….i always feel like a storm is on its way when it starts raining….dont think that makes much sense but yeah…




6 thoughts on “equating my mood with seasons

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