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honestly, as a kid my goals of what i really wanted to be in life were continously shifting….sometimes i wanted to be a doctor, sometimes a teacher and sometimes a pilot! though that as a goal remained for a very short period time….there was even a time when i wanted to be a marine biologist!…that was when i was 15 years old…that  too faded away with time….once  when i was 16 and 17 i wanted to be a commercial model….something on the lines of an advertising model  since height is not a big issue for that job….

but i can say it for sure that the goal about which i didnt think about much is what i truly wanted to be,i.e a professor and im working towards it….i used to get swayed by what people used to say to me…at that time being a doctor was considered very good by our societal standards so people were always telling me that i should set my goal on becoming that or become a pilot….but i guess i was not meant to be any of those;)



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