a couple of minutes ago my cousin brother told me that he has secured 93% in his board exams and that theres a ‘party’ in his house tonight in celebration of his result in which im duly invited…..hearing about his result and his enthusiasm with his marks got me looking back on my exam results almost 3 or 4 years ago…god! as much as i worked hard i cud just not secure marks higher than 70% which is considered pretty low by board standards….i sooo wished that time that i wud surprise my father by securing atleast an 80% but that cud not happen:(…i think i was not entitled to give that kind of happiness to my parents….although i partly made up for it when i took my favourite subject history in college and secured above 60% in all the semesters but still i think the accomplishment of ‘good board marks like happiness’ i cud never give to my parents in particular my father….im honest enough to admit that im feeling jealous of my brother but oh well this is life…ill just pray to god to get me good marks in this semester…

on a light note i dreamed of Zayn Malik from one direction yesterday night…hahaha….he was holding my hand and even kissed me!…it was only then that my dream ended and i realized what nonsense i was dreaming…lol i guess watching too many one direction cute/funny moments have got on me!

guess ill end now…buhbyeee


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