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ahhh! finally ive made a blog which i always wanted to do…hopefully ill stick with this for as long as i can

ive always wanted to create a blog because sometimes when too many thoughts accumulate in my head i get a sort of urge to vent them out…hopefully this will be like a platform for me for pouring everything that goes inside my head

so yesterday i gave my last semester exam of my college….one of my friend ana ended the end of our “college life” on a sweet note by giving us all a treat of her birthday…that was good and i ate till my heart’s content….i dont know suddenly it feels like time has flown so very fast…i mean these days im kinda filled with a kind of nostalgic feeling…although i was dying to get out of college and i still am but the main reason for my kind of nostalgic feeling is  that im feeling that im getting old…lol….old in the sense that now college has also finished!…feels like just yesterday only i passed out of school to enter college! huh anyways….yesterday ana said that this is the end of one phase of our lives and she wished us all best of luck for the next phase of our lives which will start in a month or two…that really touched me…even though i have no one whom i can call my best friend but this group that i got in college was by far THE BEST one!…yeah and i think ill miss it a bit:(

another little bit of a worry for me is about what ill do next…i just gave my JNU entrance exam for M.A in history but i know that ill not pass in it…next up is D.U’s entrance exam which i hope to pass…if ill not get admission anywhere then god knows what ill do with this life…anyways…i also have a bit of a tension regarding my results….please god let me pass in every paper..

thats it for today…theres sooo much more to write but i guess ill save it for another day

P.S im really excited about what life holds for me next…hopefully it will be good:)



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